“CHANGING WOMAN” – The Scotsman

“An utterly unpredictable inner voyage into a world of magic, story and dream…An astonishing achievement that demands to be seen again and again”  

“MOON” – Somerset Guardian

“The whole audience, from tiny children to grandparents were spellbound”  

“MOON” – Salzburger Volksbatt

” Eine perfeckte One-Woman-Show”  

“MOON” – L’ora, Palermo

“Caloroso successo!”  

“MOON” – North Avon Gazette

“…out of this world. Annie Stainer is a genius. Shout it from the rooftops, ding it in the streets!!  Sell your shirt to buy tickets!”  

“MOON” – BBC Radio

“Lovely, ugly, bitter-sweet, old-young, utterly captivating Annie Stainer – clowning of genius…”  

“LILITH” – The Guardian

“A dancer/mime of exceptional intensity, Annie Stainer seems able, like the genie in the Arabian Nights to change her shape into anything on earth, be it bird, insect,…

Steven Berkoff

“Annie Stainer worked with me on ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, which toured Australia, and for me this was one of the most rewarding experiences. Annie is a rare…

“MOON” – The Guardian

“Annie Stainer is extraordinary, she is that rare bird, a female clown who is also a gifted mime, who is also a dancer with a talent for emotional…