Annie’s unusual approach to the training of the performer has a breath-taking simplicity that peels away the false facades and heavy armour of technique and invites a return to the wellspring of our inner knowledge. Guided by her funny and poignant story-telling, participants begin to surrender and play, extending their boundaries and regaining the joy and freedom of self -expression. The workshop is suitable for performers from all disciplines and has the startling effect of helping anyone to improve anything!

 Weekend and Week-long Workshops:-

“Don’t be afraid of being a Fool. Start as a Fool” – A Creative Movement Workshop

“Tell me a Story…”  A Creative Movement Workshop

“The Actor’s Craft” Movement for Actors

These workshops offer Annie’s uniquely accessible form of Creative Movement, Physical Theatre, Mime, Feldenkrais, Mask, Improvisation and Dance. They are suitable for all ages and can be equally enjoyed by experienced performers and beginners alike.

Annie’s special style comes from intense observation of natural forms and forces. Her dance is not abstract, but organic, based on walking, running, jumping, skipping, falling, rolling and spiralling and is infused with strength and joy. As she delicately weaves Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement into the fabric of the workshop, it releases physical and emotional tensions, deepens the breath and imbues everyone with a delicious sense of wellbeing.

In a highly supportive and relaxed atmosphere, using guided imagery, dream mythology, fairy tales, and sensory awareness, participants enter a heightened magical world, as they are guided on an utterly unpredictable journey of self-discovery and begin to awaken their natural spontaneity and creativity.

Annie has taught and facilitated workshops in Australia, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Morocco, France, Switzerland, and Hungary.